We supply and install new roofing for residential and commercial clients throughout South East Queensland.
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Welcome to DTS Roofing Brisbane

Welcome to DTS Roofing Brisbane

Welcome to DTS Roofing Brisbane. We are a fully licensed and qualified roofing contractors company that is dedicated to provide roofing services in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. We are a company that has a good reputation in Brisbane and it is because of this that we have been able to improve our roofing services for the last 10 years of experience. We are a roofing company that fully understands the importance of providing high quality products that cannot be provided by any other roofing company in Brisbane. DTS Roofing Brisbane is a locally Brisbane based company and you will always have guaranteed satisfaction when you request us to provide you with our services. Our company is fully insured. DTS Roofing company is a company that is not profit-oriented. We are a company that ensures that all our clients are fully satisfied.

DTS Roofing Brisbane services include

At DTS Roofing Brisbane, we provide numerous services that are related to roofing. These services include”

  • Re-roofing services
  • Roof replacement and new roofing services
  • Roof repair services
  • Roof restoration
  • Asbestos removal
  • Color-bond metal roofing
  • Repair of roof gutters and installation of new roof gutters
  • Roof painting
  • Commercial and residential roofing
  • Metal roofing
  • Roof cleaning
  • Roof re-pointing
  • Roof sealing


Roof Repairs

Our technicians who are well skilled in the field of roofing provide all these roof services. These skills-men have enough experience and are always dedicated to ensure that your roof is always smart and good-looking. Roofing repair involves the following; Ridge capping Lead flashing, Valley iron replacements. Tile clips replacement and Broken-tile replacement. We are also a company that also provides other services that include supplying and fitting a variety of roof ventilators in different colors both for commercial and residential.

Roofing Prices

Our roofing services are always user friendly because there are no hidden costs and this has made us become a very strong company that is able to satisfy all the needs of its clients. Many clients have always requested us to give the cost of our services and that is why we decided to develop a pricing page. We always ensure that we do not generalize the needs of our clients and that is why every client pays for the services that we provide to him at individual level. We have divided our pricing style into the following groups that include; the overall size of your roof or the area that needs to be worked on, the condition of your facials and down pipes, the kind of the service-is it a repair or a replacement and the material that you request to use

We also price our roofing services in meters. For example, we charge $2-6 per square meter. Below is a quick recap of our prices (Prices may change without notice):

  • Re roofing ranges from $2,000 to $20,000
  • Roof repairs ranges from $300 to $2000
  • Asbestos removal ranges between @$5000 and $30000
  • Insulation ranges between $500 and $3000
  • Guttering ranges from $200 to $4500


For emergency roofing services, you can contact us at any time of the day.